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Small Kitchen Designs Layouts

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Small kitchen design ideas should be ways you come up with to save as much space as possible while having everything you need in the kitchen. As stated before, a small island in your small kitchen design can help save space when it comes to storage for your pots and pans or utensils. If you are not financially able to work an island into your small kitchen design idea, you can use a mobile butcher block cart. This is a good idea for food prepping or to just use as a buffet.

The cart is very resourceful, and can be stored easily by sliding right in next to your sink. A small kitchen hutch is also a good idea since it has pullout parts like storage drawers and cutting boards. A small hutch also has glass doors on its upper portion where a few plates and fine china may be stored. An open plate rack can be built in or placed against the wall as an addition.

Kitchen tables can be placed in a small kitchen. If there is an island in the kitchen, you are already saving space. However, if you want a place in the kitchen to be able to sit down for meals you can nestle a table against the island. This will leave more floor space around the work space and the table altogether. Additionally, you can conform your island into a peninsula by adding it to the end of your sink counter space.

This will open up the middle of the floor for you as well as provide unrestricted access to the sink, stove and dishwasher. In order to preserve kitchen space and have a more spacious look, built in cabinets are another kitchen design idea. Wall cabinets are in a location that is easily accessible, yet they are not in the way or taking up any excess space. If you have cabinets that have space above them, small baskets can be used to hold some of the loose items that lay around taking up counter space.

Lighting can play a big role in the way your kitchen space can appear in size. A small kitchen does not need fluorescent lights as they can depress a small kitchen. Any lighting that can be put up under wall cupboards will not make the room appear too bright or too small. Lighting should blend in with your colors and overall d├ęcor to give the room a good contrast.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas


Ideas to Keep In Mind

    * The one wall shaped, L-shaped, and galley-style kitchen make for good use of limited space. With each of these kitchen layout designs
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      you get the most floor space to move around the kitchen with ease.

    * It would be ideal if your kitchen layout was L-shaped and you could work in an island and breakfast bar. You could then have more storage and work surface and a place for friends and family to sit.

    * It's best to use appliances on both sides of the galley-style kitchen with easy access within the work triangle.

    * Keep good lighting in mind as part of small kitchen design ideas. The use of natural, ambient and task lighting can be used to make the space seem larger. Under cabinet, recessed and track lighting make great improvements. Add a larger window or a skylight if possible .

    * Kitchen cabinet will give a sense of more space. Use simple lines on cabinets. The less detailed the cabinets are, the larger the space will seem. Consider Shaker or slab style doors for your new kitchen.

    * Glass doors on some or many of the cabinets will also open things up. It will give the illusion that you have a larger space. You can get many glass options to fit your taste.

    * Use pantry cabinets that are floor to ceiling or at least 84" tall instead of a drywall pantry with a door. This ties the cabinets together and open up the space.

    * Consider open shelving as part of your storage to open things up.

    * If you have a long kitchen, make sure to run rectangular tile or wood floorboards the length of the kitchen. Consider floor tiles on a diagonal to make the floor space appear larger.

    * Carefully consider your kitchen color schemes. The lighter the wall color, the larger the space will appear.

There are four basic kitchen layouts. Although there are hundreds of others available, all these are usually based on these four and still focus on the work triangle. The layouts are the galley or one-wall, the corridor, the L-shaped and the U-shaped. All kitchen floor plans are classified according to their specific shape.

The most common would be the one-wall or galley layout wherein the kitchen is positioned along one wall. All furniture, countertops and appliances are placed on that single area only. The second most common would probably be the corridor layout wherein the kitchen is laid out along two walls facing each other. This is very efficient since you can easily work at the front and back moving along the work triangle easily. Just be sure that you have another route for persons not involved in the work triangle or they may have to keep passing through and disrupt kitchen tasks.

Next is the L-shaped kitchen layout which is laid out along two adjacent walls or sides of a room. This frees up more space for people not involved in the work triangle compared to the corridor which has a narrow aisle. The U-shaped kitchen layout makes use of three sides and has the same advantage of more space in the work triangle.